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Is Acupuncture the New Botox?

I’m a wellness advocate, but I want Botox.

The wellness industry is all about self-love. It’s about accepting ourselves for who we are. So does that include us pumping our faces with Botox? 

When I was 23, I was told by my modelling agency that I needed Botox. Awesome. So I got it and the results changed my life forever. Not only did my first experience result in looking 10 years younger, but I was also lucky enough to birth a protruding vein on my forehead.

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So many people have asked me about IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and how I became a Holistic Health Coach, so I thought it would be best to write a full post about my experience.

Twelve months ago, I launched my website, Jacintha Akkerman. During my darker days when I spent my 20’s and early 30's binge drinking, binge eating, smoking and taking drugs, I wished I had somewhere to go for inspiration to build a better life for myself. I wished I had a community I could turn to. And this is what Jacintha Akkerman is. A space to be, where people can come to heal. A community where we all inspire each other, through kindness, to discover our true calling and not be fearful to do so.

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A mum's tale of a 21-day yoga challenge

I have always had a resistance to yoga. I have dipped in and out but I have never made a full commitment to it. I'm not sure why maybe I was scared to go deeper because I never knew what I would find?! But for some reason,  yoga was calling me and I needed to listen in to that calling. I had a pretty tough year last year and I just knew yoga was what my soul needed. 

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Kindness - throw it around like confetti

We are living in a world where our phones have become our first love. At any opportunity we whip them out to settle discussions, to take photos, to scroll over people's lives. I feel social media has made people become quite narcissistic (myself included). We think that people want to know what we are up to all the time - but whatever happened to a little bit of mystery? 

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Finding a happy balance with my weight

When I wrote the piece about boxing, a key to a happy life, I didn’t expect it to turn into a piece about my weight in high school. But it has. I have always been embarrassed about the way I looked in high school. I felt like I was a heifer. But looking back I wasn't “fat” at all. How I felt and what the reality were two very different things.

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The delicious devil

Sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar. I truly believe sugar is the DEEEELICIOUS devil. I have always been a sugar lover. 

In fact, I am the first to admit, I, Jacintha Akkerman, AM A SUGAR ADDICT. For me, sugar is like crack. I eat one piece and it turns to one block, two blocks. You know the delicious story. Then it’s like my body can’t stop. I crave it. I eat it. I eat more. Then I get grumpy.

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Breaking away from the dark hole

I can feel myself seep into a dark hole cause my mind becomes super negative. My mood changes. My self talk is horrible. I stay indoors more. I’m usually a carer, but I don’t want to help other people and try to avoid them. I take everything personally and feel attacked. I live in the digital world and scroll social media relentlessly.

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We get caught up in so much BS that is so insignificant in this life. “He said this”, “she said that”. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? There are people in this world that can't walk. People who can't talk. People who have no money. People who don't have a home. And we are worried about what "so and so" said?! It's almost like we create drama in our own minds because we are so scared of being in the present moment.

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How stepping into the spotlight healed my shame

by Sita Huber

I know I ‘m lucky to have been given this opportunity. But it didn’t fall in my lap, nor did it happen overnight. In fact, I nurtured the hell out of every inch of this wild and wondrous journey.

Making any tv show, as it turns out, is no small feat. It's a combination of exact science, and going with the flow at a level that just kind of makes your ‘I wish I could control this’ mind do a head spin. It’s not for the faint of heart, or those of us with say, unresolved anxiety and shame issues.

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My Struggle with Meditation

So, knowing this, why do I struggle with meditation? I have read for years about the benefits of meditating. I have dabbled in it on and off for years. But you know what my issue is? Meditating is about putting yourself first, something I (and many mums and others) struggle to do. 

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