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The delicious devil

Sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar. I truly believe sugar is the DEEEELICIOUS devil. I have always been a sugar lover. 

In fact, I am the first to admit, I, Jacintha Akkerman, AM A SUGAR ADDICT. For me, sugar is like crack. I eat one piece and it turns to one block, two blocks. You know the delicious story. Then it’s like my body can’t stop. I crave it. I eat it. I eat more. Then I get grumpy.

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How stepping into the spotlight healed my shame

by Sita Huber

I know I ‘m lucky to have been given this opportunity. But it didn’t fall in my lap, nor did it happen overnight. In fact, I nurtured the hell out of every inch of this wild and wondrous journey.

Making any tv show, as it turns out, is no small feat. It's a combination of exact science, and going with the flow at a level that just kind of makes your ‘I wish I could control this’ mind do a head spin. It’s not for the faint of heart, or those of us with say, unresolved anxiety and shame issues.

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My Struggle with Meditation

So, knowing this, why do I struggle with meditation? I have read for years about the benefits of meditating. I have dabbled in it on and off for years. But you know what my issue is? Meditating is about putting yourself first, something I (and many mums and others) struggle to do. 

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