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Finding a happy balance with my weight

When I wrote the piece about boxing, a key to a happy life, I didn’t expect it to turn into a piece about my weight in high school. But it has. I have always been embarrassed about the way I looked in high school. I felt like I was a heifer. But looking back I wasn't “fat” at all. How I felt and what the reality were two very different things.

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We get caught up in so much BS that is so insignificant in this life. “He said this”, “she said that”. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? There are people in this world that can't walk. People who can't talk. People who have no money. People who don't have a home. And we are worried about what "so and so" said?! It's almost like we create drama in our own minds because we are so scared of being in the present moment.

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