Why I have been called "Mouse" my entire life

For as long as I can remember I have had the nickname "Mouse". But why Mouse?!

Recalling my younger years, my beautiful mumma tells the story of how she heard little mouse-like sounds all over the house. She could never put her finger on what they were, before realising it was her little girl squeaking.

So at the ripe age of two, it was the birth of my nickname MOUSE, or MOUSEE.

I have always been called Mouse. In fact, for many years people didn’t know my real name. Enter Facebook. But even then, people were quite perplexed.

You see, my mumma gave everyone a lisp by adding an ‘h’ in Jacinta. My name is like morphing Samantha and Jacinta together.

However, JacintHa is very unusual and quite the tongue twister. Hearing people pronounce my name is so comical for me and makes me smile. I have been called Jaskinta, Jessica, Giuseppe (say what?!). People get confused and flustered so they just call me Mouse. 

My great-aunty used to call me "hey you" because she couldn’t pronounce my name. True story.

When people first meet someone called Mouse they expect them to be small and mouse-like. Well, I stand 6ft-plus tall, so people are quite bamboozled as to why on earth a giant could be called a mouse. Ironic, isn’t it?

So that is the story of Mouse, and why I called my business House of Mouse. Because I am Mouse and I welcome you to my house.


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