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HAPPY SOULS:: How heart surgery lead to kinesiology with Juliet Dyer founder of The Revitalise Centre


Over the course of 10 years, Juliet became a carer. Not just in the traditional sense of being a mum to her children and wife to her husband, but a carer of three ‘heart kids’ – Tyson, Charlotte, and her husband, Stuart, who although no longer a child, has suffered a heart condition since he was a young boy. During this period, Juliet nursed her 11-year-old daughter through two heart surgeries.

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HAPPY SOULS :: From New York to Melbourne. The mindblowing journey of Greene Street Juice with Nat Warner

Nat Warner,  co-founder of Greene Street Juice, is one of those people who simply lights up the world. Her smile is infectious. 

Working in her dream job in Melbourne, her husband, Steve, was transferred to New York for work, so she needed to make the decision to leave her dream job and start a new life in NY.

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HAPPY SOULS :: Looking for an effortless practice to help calm your mind? | Vedic Meditation with Laura Poole

Laura Poole is a Vedic meditation teacher, speaker, writer and community builder. She has trained intensively over the past decade with great masters in Australia, India and the United States. Based in Melbourne, Laura shares the wisdom of Vedic meditation, Vedanta, and Ayurveda, making it relevant for living in today’s world.

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HAPPY SOULS :: "Be who you are" Mindful Living and Yoga | Em Maidment

Emma Maidment believes in a holistic approach to life and work, which is why she wears many hats. She is a qualified Communications and Marketing professional, qualified Yoga Teacher, Writer and Business Consultant specialising in health and wellness. She lives by the mantra ‘be who you are’ and express this through every aspect of your life. You are what you do. 

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