HAPPY SOULS:: Sustainability with Caye Life co-founder Sarah Elleray

Let’s talk about sustainability.

During a trip to Belize, Caye Life founders Sarah and Andrew travelled to Caye Caulker and Caye Ambergris, spending their days surrounded by the natural beauty of spectacular beaches, and getting to know the friendly locals. And while the relaxed way of life was quite literally a breath of fresh air, they couldn’t help but notice an incredible amount of rubbish littering the beautiful coastline. They decided then and there that they wanted to help cut down on the amount of single-use plastic in the world. After discussing a few ideas over a beer or two, they decided to tackle the most common problem they saw – the old plastic water bottle! While they know a simple bottle won’t necessarily change the world, they do strongly believe that by making sustainability fun and fashionable, they can help spread the message a little further.

In this chat we discuss::

- The Caye Life story

- How Sarah juggles a business, whilst being a mum and working a part time marketing role

- Why Sarah and her husband choose sustainability

- Ways you can can practice sustainability everyday

- The road blocks Sarah faced when launching Caye Life

- Educating kids on sustainability

Each person on average uses 500 cups a year, so YOU can make a difference.

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