HAPPY SOULS:: Why you need to back yourself with Pep Karalus, founder of Kinematics Performance

This month on HAPPY SOULS is all about Alternate Therapies. So im very proud to bring you a beautiful man who is making waves in the world. Pep Karalus, founder of Kinematics in Richmond, Melbourne is their senior biomechanist, whose expertise and interests lie in the treatment and optimisation of the musculoskeletal system. After sustaining multiple injuries throughout his high-level rugby career, Pep established that there was a need to develop a new approach to manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and injury prevention. First studying Physiotherapy in New Zealand, Pep transitioned to Podiatry in order to better understand the ground reaction forces of the foot and the result these forces exert on the rest of the body. After completing Podiatry, Pep further developed his biomechanical expertise and unique approach by working closely alongside other health clinicians including Osteopaths and Chiropractors. He has also completed multiple high performance and strength and conditioning courses to continually up skill and challenge health industry norms. Fusing this knowledge and the key concepts of various disciplines, Pep assesses the biomechanics and alignment of the body as a whole. Pep adopts this approach as he knows that the underlying cause is typically not addressed by treating only one area in isolation. Pep has had extensive experience with elite athletes on a provincial, national and international level, specifically within athletics, basketball, cricket, netball and rugby union. Using his unique biomechanical approach, he has enhanced performance and enabled athletes to not only stay on the field, but perform at their best. Now in Melbourne, Pep wants to make these elite services available not only to top athletes but to the population at large through Kinematics Health + Performance. In the near future, Pep looks forward to running biomechanics workshops and producing various online learning resources that showcase Kinematics’ holistic approach to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

In this video we discuss::

- Pep journey from a high profile rugby star to a biomechanist

- How he dealt with his dream of becoming a rugby star coming to an end

- How long he has been practicing for

- Why he treats people the way he likes to be treated

- Why it's important to believe and back yourself

- Why it's important to have passion

- The new for being raw and authentic

- Why they make people feel like they belong in the clinic

- Making the move from NZ to AUST.

- Why it's always important to be nice to people

- Why being a good person is ALWAYS important

- The struggles he faced

- Why networking is important For more from Pep Karalus and Kinematics

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