HAPPY SOULS:: Opening your heart space with Jeremy Carne

Jeremy Carne is a producer, podcast host and 1GiantMind meditation teacher. He is the Digital Executive Producer for Hamish & Andy, and is currently working with healer Charlie Goldsmith on an online wellness program ‘My Good Habits’. He is also the Director of his recently launched company @somaunlimited - producing playful content embedded with wisdom. His videos, have had over 1 billion views.

Jez, whom I am branding the Russell Brand of Australia, has his own podcast, aptly named "Jeremy Carne", interviewing some of the world's more awakened humans to inspire us to open up, have fun our vulnerability, enrich our shared experiences, connect with our intuition, listen to really hear one another, explore our spiritual evolution, break through fears, optimize our mental health and connect with our spirit.

Some of my absolute favourite episodes: my soul sister Leah Patara "Embracing your Incredible Capabilities as a Woman", Jonni Pollard "The Art of Letting Go" and "Integrating your Spiritual Awakening" with Ashley Hart - who had the most downloads. If you listen you'll know why. Due to his kind nature, Jez has a way of making his guests feel comfortable to open up, be vulnerable and speak their truth.

This man is making waves in the world by being true to who he is and not being scared to do so.

In this video we cover::

:: Jeremy's story and why he started a path to enlightenment

:: Which form of meditation he practices

:: His dad Joe Rogan (jokes)

:: His daily self-love practice

:: What he eats on a daily basis to nourish his body

:: Playing with energy and sending people light

:: Practicing gratitude and using sounds

:: Chanting mantras

:: Feeling emotions and surrendering rather and ignoring them

:: How we are attached to previous ideas of ourselves and each other

:: Different ways we feel love

:: Acceptance, why we need to accept ourselves and others

:: My Good Habits and why YOU need to be part of this program

:: How we can release negative thoughts

For more from Jeremy Carne head to::

Insta:: https://www.instagram.com/jezcarne

FB: https://www.facebook.com/jezcarne

My Good Habits - https://www.charliegoldsmith.com/mygoodhabits/

Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/jeremy-carne/id1274082271

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