HAPPY SOULS:: Do you believe in magic? Spirituality and wonder with Sarah Nally

Sarah Nally is a precious soul. She is an energetic mumpreneur on a mission to help us all learn to harness the power of our minds.

Co-founder of Australia’s most innovative event series ‘Wired for Wonder’, founder of online shoe business ‘Sienna Baby’, creative consultancy ‘The Wonder Tribe’ and more recently ‘unplugged’ and Wonder 7 Wander, Sarah is passionate about helping people unlock their wonder mindset to experiment with ways of working and reach their full potential so that they can be more productive, efficient, happy, conscious, engaged and creative in all aspects of life.

Sarah is a Design Thinking Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Human Resource Management and Psychology from Monash University in Melbourne all while studying a Diploma of Neuropsychology. She enjoys learning how her brain works and she likes to rewire herself for wonder.

She speaks about the future of work, creativity, innovation, design thinking, productivity, business, flexibility, being a working Mum, how to be more curious and changing mindsets.

Sarah is the master of mind-altering events full of wonder and rewired thinking through the experiences I design. I am wired to create, curate and connect; obsessed with experiences, productivity, creativity and curious about all things…the weirder the better.

If you ask Sarah why Wonder? She would respond with "Wonder is where art meets science. Where the known meets the unknown. Where the magic happens." Do you believe in magic? We most certainly do.

In this video we cover::

- Sarah's journey into spirituality

- The bumps she incurred along the way

- What Sarah's tipping point to live more wholeheartedly was

- How she injects spirituality into the corporate world

- How she juggles motherhood and running so many businesses

- What wonder we can expect next from her

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