HAPPY SOULS :: From New York to Melbourne. The mindblowing journey of Greene Street Juice with Nat Warner

Nat Warner,  co-founder of Greene Street Juice, is one of those people who simply lights up the world. Her smile is infectious. 

Working in her dream job in Melbourne, her husband, Steve, was transferred to New York for work, so she needed to make the decision to leave her dream job and start a new life in NY. Working as a lawyer at the time it was daunting but Nat knew in her soul this was the right thing to do. And she was right. Settling into NY nicely living on Greene Street, she become a yoga instructor, fell in love with the yogi life. Studying at IIN (Integrative Nutrition) and the rest is history.... From lawyer to holistic health. You'll have to listen to hear the full story. Her story is mind-blowing. 

We adored interviewing Nat. This woman is so incredibly inspiring. We just love everything about her and we know you will love her too.

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