HAPPY SOULS :: Leaving the corporate world to follow her dreams | Pru Trundle :: THE Retreat Yoga

After years of working in the corporate world, the universe conspired so Pru Trundle could follow her deep seeded passion in photography which lead her to open one of Melbourne’s most beautiful yoga studios, The Retreat Yoga in Camberwell.

Pru never knew she wanted to open a yoga studio, but something in her soul kept whispering to her that this is what she needed to do. Knowing this to be true, Pru listened in to her intuition and she has never looked back.

Pru has built a very strong community at The Retreat Yoga, a soulful studio opening the doors with open arms to everyone.

We were so grateful to have the opportunity to bring you Pru’s story in hope that it may inspire you to follow our heart and trust your intuition.