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Emma Maidment believes in a holistic approach to life and work, which is why she wears many hats. She is a qualified Communications and Marketing professional, qualified Yoga Teacher, Writer and Business Consultant specialising in health and wellness. She lives by the mantra ‘be who you are’ and express this through every aspect of your life. You are what you do. 

She is a free-spirited, heart-centered, entrepreneurial thinker on a mission to create her own lifestyle and inspire others to do the same. 

With a background in Public Relations and Marketing, she has taken her experience and paired it with her passion for health and wellness. She collaborates and consults with other heart-centered businesses, helping them to realise and achieve their communications, marketing, and business goals. She teaches yoga and acro yoga, which is why you’ll see yogic philosophy and mindset behind her approach to life and work. She also writes regularly for Body+Soul, The Urban List on all things health, yoga and creating your own lifestyle. 

She has collaborated with a number of amazing people in the health and wellness space on everything from marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, events, activations, festivals and mindful marketing workshops. She has been featured in a number of media outlets including; Body + Soul, Yoga Journal, The Daily Mail, news.com.au, The Urban List, Yahoo Lifestyle and many more. 

She loves to work with people who are passionate about what they are doing and believe in their why. 


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You can follow Em's adventures on Instagram @emmamaidment_, @mindfulmorningcollective or @ritualyogaretreats or you can connect via www.emmamaidment.com.

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