HAPPY SOULS :: Interview with meditation master | Kat John

We were very grateful to have a date with Kat John where she takes us on her journey of enlightenment and shares very simple meditations you can do at home.

"For two decades, all I knew was pain and suffering. I lived it, breathed it, spoke it and behaved in ways that were a detriment to self-love, acceptance, and happiness. I know what it's like being totally consumed by pain - mentally, emotionally and physically. It affected the way I saw myself, treated myself and treated others. All I could see was what was wrong with me and with life and being alive felt like a burden. I was sexually abused at the age of 6 and that set me up for years of self-destruction. I would do this through alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships and treating myself like I was worthless. I did anything to escape the voices in my head and the repressed feelings trying to burst out, but one night I sent myself too far off the rails and it was time to face what I'd been running from - myself. It gets better ... In my early twenties, I needed brain surgery to prevent me from becoming a paraplegic. The nerves in my body were being squashed by benign tumours in my spine due to my brain being too big, literally!

We welcome Kat John as our first interview for HAPPY SOULS.

Edited by @leseynt