HAPPY SOULS :: Melbourne's first plant-based cafe injected with happiness // Serotonin with founder Emily Hazell

From a young age, Emily Hazell had the vision to open a cafe. She knew exactly what she wanted. Many told her she was mad, but she trusted her gut. She had a vision and she knew exactly what she wanted. Being an extremely driven woman, she was unsure of the interior design so she went to school to learn to become an interior designer and designed it all herself.

Not only is Serotonin one of Melbourne's most beautiful cafes, it also may just be the happiest with smiles on the most deliciously unique lattes. Serotonin was one of the first Vegan/plant-based cafes in Melbourne. Emily "designed Serotonin to be a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives....She has a passion for living and promoting a plant-based lifestyle through her Happiness Centre."


Always be ethical and scientific

Be a leader and teacher with a voice that’s heard

Provide people with reliable evidence-based information

Work with the best team, as a team

Give “aha” and “hmm” moments

Be world class

Change negative behaviors and help future generations

Create a hub for the community

Be positive and share true happiness with a smile

To change minds and lives in order to prevent unnecessary deaths

In this episode;

- We learn about Emily's personal and business journey

- What inspired her to open a cafe and become an interior designer.

- How she chose the name Serotonin

- How she launched one of Melbourne's most successful cafe launches with 1000 people through the doors on the first weekend

We were soooo grateful to interview Emily. We know you will love her just as much as we do xoxo