HAPPY SOULS:: Sustainability with Caye Life co-founder Sarah Elleray

Let’s talk about sustainability.

During a trip to Belize, Caye Life founders Sarah and Andrew travelled to Caye Caulker and Caye Ambergris, spending their days surrounded by the natural beauty of spectacular beaches, and getting to know the friendly locals. And while the relaxed way of life was quite literally a breath of fresh air, they couldn’t help but notice an incredible amount of rubbish littering the beautiful coastline.

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HAPPY SOULS:: Why you need to back yourself with Pep Karalus, founder of Kinematics Performance

This month on HAPPY SOULS is all about Alternate Therapies. So im very proud to bring you a beautiful man who is making waves in the world. Pep Karalus, founder of Kinematics in Richmond, Melbourne is our senior biomechanist, whose expertise and interests lie in the treatment and optimisation of the musculoskeletal system. After sustaining multiple injuries throughout his high-level rugby career, Pep established that there was a need to develop a new approach to manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

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HAPPY SOULS:: The power of healers with founder of Soul Star Festival Briony Goldsmith

Briony Goldsmith is a writer, speaker, nutritionist, meditation teacher, and intuitive empath. She comes from a family of healers. From a young age, she believed there was so much more to the world and she had a deep desire to live her true calling.

At 16 years old Briony discovered that she couldn't eat gluten, so her mum took her to a naturopath and healers to see what the underlining issue was. She fell in love with nutrition which is why she become a nutritionist. But regardless how great her diet was, she still felt something was missing. She knew she had deep wounds she needed to deal with and that her body and mind were disconnected. So she started exploring spirituality which started her path to awakening.

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HAPPY SOULS:: From rockstar to healer. Tommy Kende's journey to finding inner peace

Tommy Kende has embarked on a mission to fill life with love, abundance, happiness, and overall goodness. He has been on a journey of self-discovery for the last 39 years. Since he was born, he has been a Musician, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Mentor, Corporate Executive, Yoga Teacher, Meditator, Great Son, Bad Son, Best Friend, An Enemy, A Lover, A Hater, A Sick Person, A Healthy Dude, Happy, Easily Confused, Lucky, Rich, Poor, An Angry Dude, Fearful, Lazy, An Uncontrollable Crier, A Drug Overdoser, A Procrastinator, A Deep Thinker and a Seeker.

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HAPPY SOULS:: Do you believe in magic? Spirituality and wonder with Sarah Nally

Sarah Nally is a precious soul. She is an energetic mumpreneur on a mission to help us all learn to harness the power of our minds.

Co-founder of Australia’s most innovative event series ‘Wired for Wonder’, founder of online shoe business ‘Sienna Baby’, creative consultancy ‘The Wonder Tribe’ and more recently ‘unplugged’ and Wonder 7 Wander, Sarah is passionate about helping people unlock their wonder mindset to experiment with ways of working and reach their full potential so that they can be more productive, efficient, happy, conscious, engaged and creative in all aspects of life.

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HAPPY SOULS:: From losing 40kgs to becoming one of Melbourne’s best chefs with Ryan Lording

Ryan Lording is one of those people who you meet and you instantly just know he is the real deal. Not only does he create Melbourne's sexiest brunch dishes, but he is also a down-to-earth great human.

Born in Melbourne and raised on the Murray River in a tiny country town called Tocumwal, he moved back to Melbourne for VCE and studied Multimedia Design and was a Childcare teacher for two years whilst trying to "find himself".

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HAPPY SOULS:: Opening your heart space with Jeremy Carne

Jeremy Carne is a producer, podcast host and 1GiantMind meditation teacher. He is the Digital Executive Producer for Hamish & Andy, and is currently working with healer Charlie Goldsmith on an online wellness program ‘My Good Habits’. He is also the Director of his recently launched company @somaunlimited - producing playful content embedded with wisdom. His videos, have had over 1 billion views.

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HAPPY SOULS:: What is Ayurveda? with Ayurvedic practitioner Dylan Smith from Vital Veda

Dylan Smith from Vital Veda has arisen from a deep and dedicated commitment to Ayurvedic science to its principles and healing therapies. As the oldest traditional health science in practice today, Ayurveda has stood the test of time and is known as the 'Mother of all healing systems.'

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HAPPY SOULS:: How heart surgery lead to kinesiology with Juliet Dyer founder of The Revitalise Centre


Over the course of 10 years, Juliet became a carer. Not just in the traditional sense of being a mum to her children and wife to her husband, but a carer of three ‘heart kids’ – Tyson, Charlotte, and her husband, Stuart, who although no longer a child, has suffered a heart condition since he was a young boy. During this period, Juliet nursed her 11-year-old daughter through two heart surgeries.

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HAPPY SOULS :: Melbourne's first plant-based cafe injected with happiness // Serotonin with founder Emily Hazell

From a young age, Emily Hazell had the vision to open a cafe. She knew exactly what she wanted. Many told her she was mad, but she trusted her gut. She had a vision and she knew exactly what she wanted. Being an extremely driven woman, she was unsure of the interior design so she went to school to learn to become an interior designer and designed it all herself.

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HAPPY SOULS :: Is Cosmetic Acupuncture the new Botox? | Dr Abbie Acupuncture at Zhong Centre - PART TWO

I’m a wellness advocate, but I want Botox.

The wellness industry is all about self-love. It’s about accepting ourselves for who we are. So does that include us pumping our faces with Botox? 

When I was 23, I was told by my modelling agency that I needed Botox. Awesome. So I got it and the results changed my life forever. Not only did my first experience result in looking 10 years younger, but I was also lucky enough to birth a protruding vein on my forehead. This vein is otherwise known as the "Botox vein".

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HAPPY SOULS :: From New York to Melbourne. The mindblowing journey of Greene Street Juice with Nat Warner

Nat Warner,  co-founder of Greene Street Juice, is one of those people who simply lights up the world. Her smile is infectious. 

Working in her dream job in Melbourne, her husband, Steve, was transferred to New York for work, so she needed to make the decision to leave her dream job and start a new life in NY.

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HAPPY SOULS :: Looking for an effortless practice to help calm your mind? | Vedic Meditation with Laura Poole

Laura Poole is a Vedic meditation teacher, speaker, writer and community builder. She has trained intensively over the past decade with great masters in Australia, India and the United States. Based in Melbourne, Laura shares the wisdom of Vedic meditation, Vedanta, and Ayurveda, making it relevant for living in today’s world.

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HAPPY SOULS :: Leaving the corporate world to follow her dreams | Pru Trundle :: THE Retreat Yoga

After years of working in the corporate world, the universe conspired so Pru Trundle could follow her deep seeded passion in photography which lead her to open one of Melbourne’s most beautiful yoga studios, Retreat Yoga in Camberwell.

Pru never knew she wanted to open a yoga studio, but something in her soul kept whispering to her that this is what she needed to do. Knowing this to be true, Pru listened in to her intuition and she has never looked back.

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HAPPY SOULS :: Is Cosmetic Acupuncture the new Botox? | Dr Abbie Acupuncture - PART ONE

We are living in a crazy world where people think its normal to completely change their appearance. It's people like Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian clan that are setting poor examples for our youth. But what is disturbing me is the number of young girls as young as 15 or 16 that are feeling the need to have cosmetic procedures to fit in.

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HAPPY SOULS :: "Be who you are" Mindful Living and Yoga | Em Maidment

Emma Maidment believes in a holistic approach to life and work, which is why she wears many hats. She is a qualified Communications and Marketing professional, qualified Yoga Teacher, Writer and Business Consultant specialising in health and wellness. She lives by the mantra ‘be who you are’ and express this through every aspect of your life. You are what you do. 

Image via @_in_the_flow_/

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